Poetry Today

Sometimes Love is Eternal

I’ve had enough

I’ve wiped my hands clean

The breaking is evident

I’ve loved and lost

I’ll clean up the mess

You’ve made of me

My bones are weeping

Begging me to look inward

To step in from the cold

To let you go

If only my bones know

That I’ve been loving you

Since the dawn of time

And sometimes love

Is eternal

Nikki Sterling 2021 @paragonwords

Poetry Today

Calm my raging soul…


‪One day you will understand‬

‪What’s it’s like to be broken‬

‪What’s it’s like to love‬


‪To bled for words‬

‪That never came

‪To unravel‬

‪In tears‬
‪Until then‬

‪Hold me softly‬

‪Calm my raging‬


‪ ©2017 @paragonwords

Poetry Today

Empty Cradle

Empty cradle
By the fireside
Silent tears
Fall silently
Barren hands
Long to hold
The forgotten
Painful memories
Held Tight
The light is no more
Receding joy
No longer my comfort
Scarred womb
Cried out
Hollow tears
Disconnect the soul
Empty cradle
My forever torment©

Empty Cradle