Poetry Today

Eternally Beautiful

Meet me here, where the sky touches the earth, and our love is bound to the stars. Written since the dawn of time, our love has broken down all barriers, visible and invisible. We are worthy of this love, this beautiful unwritten truth that has found us at our worse and saved our tornado souls from drowning.

This poem is about finding that one person who connects with you on the soul level. A true kind-hearted person that will lay everything aside just to see you smile on your worse day.

When you find that one person

That gives more than they take

That loves you unconditionally

In good times and bad

That refuses to give up on you

No matter what

This kind of love is rare

And beautiful

If you have it

Cherish it

If you’re searching for it

I pray you find it

If you’ve lost it

I hope it finds you once again

If you’ve found someone that is rare and genuine leave a comment for me: would love to hear about it

With Gratitude

Nikki Sterling

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Poetry Today

The Rush

I don’t need light to see you

I can feel you in my veins

I carry your heartbeat

On my tongue

My soul trembles

With the need to hold you

Your taste is madness

You are the sweetest rush

I’ve ever known

Text and content© Nikki Sterling @Paragonwords 2015-2019. All rights reserved.

Poetry Today

The night is broken…

I braced your back

Against my hands

As I poured my words over you

Poetry tracing the shape

Of your body



The light, warm and sweet

Between your soul

A solitary longing

Coming undone

The night is broken

Screaming out our need

In reckless abandonment©

©Paragonwords 2019

Poetry Today

Purity and Poison…

You are no mere poet

You my love

Is purity and poison

You are a lover

A healer of brokenness

You purged the pain

Of lost souls

Your words have filled

The empty cavity

Between my breast

You are a sonneteer

A lyricist

I have stitched your words

Into my soul

And my heart implodes

With beauty

©2018 @paragonwords