Sackcloth & Silk

“Here we are at the threshold, bare boned and afraid, balancing darkness and light in a heart that was not meant to be at war.”

Divided into two sections, Sackcloth & Silk is a journey through darkness and light, transformation and healing. It’s the realization of our weaknesses and our strength, our fears and our courage. It’s rising up and embracing the challenges, the hardship and the beauty of what makes us unique.

Sackcloth-Raw, honest poems, broken and stripped bare, revealing the darkness, the chaos and the power of our words.

Silk-Uplifting, hopeful poems, full of love, faith, courage and the truth that words have the power to heal us, to transform us and to make us a better version of ourselves.

“She’s both broken and rooted, blossoming from branches on the verge of dying.”

Sackcloth & Silk by Nikki Sterling

This book is very dear to me; it holds the precious words that I’ve kept hidden for years.

There’s truth, hope, healing, bravery, separation and love here. Transformation is not pretty,

Healing is not attractive, its begging the tears not to spill in the schools car line, it’s putting on your lipstick and smiling on the conference calls; it’s the praying and the constant breaking every day that snatched the breath out of you.

Page 34 Sackcloth & Silk

On the good days you embrace the beauty of renewal, you remind yourself that you are stronger than the things that are trying to consume you. The first half of the book (Sackcloth) is a brutal journey through Sacrifice, Severed and Silence, and the second half of the book (Silk) is a celebration of Bravery, Love and Blessings.

Page 7 Sackcloth & Silk

Sackcloth & Silk will be available January 2022