Poetry Today

Embrace The Gift That You Are


I am sending you hope

And love and light and goodness

Wrap your arms around your

Beautiful wholeness

And embrace the gift that you are

You might not be feeling

Like yourself right now

But there’s a tincture of light

Behind those dark clouds

Turn your face towards the sun

And let it fill you with peace

Nikki Sterling @paragonwords 2021

Poetry Today

Give Yourself Grace

If you are feeling worn out and tired. If your heart is tied up in knots and there are darks clouds gathering in your soul.

Give yourself permission to let go. You are worthy, you are able, you are enough.

This season of hardship and chaos will pass, and you will once again feel peace in your soul.

Give yourself grace today!

Poetry Today

Time has failed me…..

Living with demons

In dark secret places

Silent cries

Embellish the night

Tongue bleeding words

Of lies

This human heart

Frail and cold

Trembles within me

I fear time has failed me

Yet here I am

Broken, unflinching

Waiting for you to

Cast out this darkness

And rip the ugliness

From my tongue©

©copyright 2017 @paragonwords
Image credit-https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/760/23426827689_f1d9a065e9_m.jpg

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Unburdened your heart

Give me your scars

The deep ones

That touched the inner soul

Let me be an instrument

Of peace

Unburdened your heart

Into mine

I will carry the pain

I will bear the torment

Of your soul cries

For the rest of the journey

Is long

And I heard your bones


No more

No more©