Poetry Today

Holding off the impending darkness….


No one notice that the days are getting shorter, that hope is fading. No one seems to care. These days I notice everything. The whips of smoke that seems to spell your name in the sky. The sweet call of hummingbirds reminding each other of their undying love. The way memories taste like ash and licorice. There’s a fountain of pain that rises up within me, each one recounting my failures, my regrets, my past. The countless ways my heart wraps around dead words, trying to bring them back to life. This world once light me on fire, filled me with hope, kissed me each morning with it’s glorious beauty,  now I search the days trying to find something worthy, something that will remind me that life is worth fighting for.

Life is a battle

A cadence of irreversible decisions

The truth bleeds out

From the edges of time

We see nothing

We feel nothing

Until it’s too late

Death lick the nonsense

That flowed from our tongues

We have out played our hands

The curtain is falling

Our nakedness exposed

The air is tight

Thunder is gathering

Exile memories

Bond together

Fighting for survival

At night we sleep with the demons

And rise expecting the world

To bend to our will

We are mere puppets

Walking a thin line

Between life and death©
©copyright 2017 @paragonwords

image credit- https://goo.gl/images/40BjxF

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