Poetry Today

Tonight the moon died……


‪The ghost are restless‬

‪Their cries‬

‪Pierce the darkness‬

‪They came back‬

‪To where it all started‬

‪The merry go round‬

‪Of memories‬

‪Breaks the silence‬


The moon died

‪What was‬

‪Rise up again‬

‪Fools falling‬

‪Over their tongues©‬

©2017 @paragonwords

Poetry Today

A Perpetual Walk

A thousand years

Broken by our imperfections

Defeated by our sin

A perpetual walk

Night after night

You bearing the light

Of a thousand daybreak

Erasing the darkness

You shine upon our secrets

You knew the words that burned

Deep down in our souls

What is it about the moon

That causes our flesh to tingle

And tears to rise up

Like a river overflowing with joy

What have we done to deserve

Your faithfulness

Your eternal eyes see all things

In love you’ve watched us grow

In anger you’ve cloaked your light

And hid your face

Leaving us to wonder

Where is the moon tonight©
© All poems are copyrighted @paragonwords