Poetry Today

Are you listening…..

I am still hopeful, deep down in the silence

Beneath the darkness, a flame still burns

Iโ€™ve seen too much, Iโ€™ve been hurt too much

Iโ€™ve prayed too much, to give in now

I’m painting a rainbow over my scars

I’m washing the ugliness from my tongue

I am speaking to the mountain

And the walls and the empty spaces

Receptive souls will hear, the broken heart will hear

Grieving families will hear, the children will hear

The confused and disillusion will hear

They will come, they will listen

For in our bellies, rooted deep we have an innate

Desire to see change, to feel hopeful

So today, come as you are, hear my voice

Let change begins with you and me

One voice, one word softly spoken

Are you listening

@2018 ยฉParagonwords