Poetry Today

Fermented Fruit


Midnight unearth

Enigmatic smile

Hard to the core

Fermented fruit

enraptured lips

Tasting the juicy

Fragments of love

Passion Inflame

Deeply rooted

Surrendering to the fire

In your eyes

Fill me up with thunder

Consume me

With the addictive nature

Of your love

I choose you

I choose to cling to this euphoric dream

I witness the impending storm

building behind your eyes

Tonight we will welcome

The galaxy into our souls

I will watched the stars

Replaced your darkness

I will watch the celestial moon

erase your anger

I will watch the night

Expose your beautiful smile

And I

I will love you

Until the deep end of silence

Explodes with the sound of our heartbeats

And the frenetic rush and tremble of our bodies subsidesยฉ



ยฉCopyright 2017 @paragonwords


Image credit-google image.

via Daily Prompt: Juicy

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