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The Heat of Desire

Listen to your heart they say!
but is that really true I asked myself
Can one deny the flesh long enough
To make sense of what the heart is saying
I want to believe my heart!
The quite murmur of love
The distant thunder of two heartbeats
Melting into one, the tender kisses on flushed cheeks
Yes! That is the feeling of love
For me to have and to cherish.
Yet! I wanted more, maybe the feeling of my skin
Flushed crimson hot, like lava bubbling
In my veins, the strain of my breast
Echoing for release
I want to feel my soul melting
Like butter sculptures in the heat of summer.
For once, I wish not to listen to my heart!
Instead, I’ll go with fire,
Emanating from within my folds
Hungry for the touch, melting with the heat of desire.
For now I’ll banish all thoughts
And react in the moment.
Releasing my passion to burn beneath
The skins of the world,
Scorching it with the heat of

Heart, Love, Flame, Fire, Brand, Burn, Blaze

~~Nikki Moore

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