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I’m Forgiven

I stand on the edge of despair
Eyes cast down

I gave up sometimes
Fearing I might not make it

But I keep holding on

Each day, I cried!
Deep dark tears

Emptying my soul
I stumbled, falling, grasping

I keep holding on

I stand, beneath
The shadows of sin

And there, I cried!
My face masking
The pain that ripped at my heart

Deep, dark pain
Filling my soul with emptiness

I tried to remember
A scripture I once knew

The Lord is
My Shepard I shall not want
He maketh me!
To lie down in green pastures
He restoreth my soul!

I felt hope
Stirring within me

So I hold on

I knelt
Eyes to the ground
Praying, Seeking,

And there on my knees
He restoreth my soul!

I cling to Him

And with a heart of forgiveness
He set me free
I am crying now
But there’s no pain
No sorrows, no doubt
Only tears of Joy

I’m redeemed
Lifted up
I’ve found my savior

I’m free
To rest in his arms

Now I knelt
Eyes lifted towards heaven
And with a shout of victory

I know I’ve been forgiven
I know I’m in is presence
I know I’ve been set free©

~~Nikki Moore

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