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The Dawning Of a New Day ©

I raised my voice and sing
Knowing that this time someone will listen,
Maybe they’ll say I was right
For they too will rejoice

In the dawning of a new day!

Today the world  vibrates with the music of our ancestors!
From the far corners of the deep they’ve rejoiced
From the deep depression of their souls they’ve rejoiced
From tears stained with the blood of the innocent they’ve rejoiced
Up from the dust of the earth they’ve rejoiced.
And today, I too am rejoicing

For it’s a new day!

To cast our gaze upon the future
A new era has opened its arms to us,
To be empowered instead of discouraged
To make a difference instead of accepting the norm,
Rejecting the ideology of false believe

We can stop the decay of Society!

From infecting our minds
From rotting away the fabric
Of what makes us strong.
Today we stand proud!
Honoring the tears and the sacrifices of our ancestors
Because of their sacrifice our future is bright, our faith is strong,

Our hearts are alive!

With change that will unite us together
As one soul rejoicing in the dawning of a new day.
With every breath, with every song that
Plays in the heart of those seeking change

Today I will Rise


Nikki Moore

All material written in this blog is Copyright © Nikki Moore 2015, 2016.


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